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This is the story of the Jujube Boutique …


The Jujube Boutique is an accessories shop with jewelry, bags, scarves and wraps. For women,every woman. 

Françoise founded the boutique in Cotignac, Provence when she returned to her hometown in 2001. 

This was not a question of happenstance but rather resulted from the continuation of a story of friendship that began in 1989! 

That year Françoise and Isabelle, her associate, opened the Antipode Boutique in Brignoles. Isabelle worked there for 4 years then chose to pursue another path.

 Their strong friendship continues today and Isabelle and Françoise remain best friends. 

After 10 years in Brignoles, Françoise relocated the Antipode Boutique to Cotignac, proposing designer clothing. 

In 2001 when the boutique opposite Antipode became vacant, the opportunity presented itself to open a shop that would complement the clothing line:

The Jujube Boutique, specializing in accessories


In 2007, the accessories became the mainstay, and Antipode and Jujube merged into the Jujube Boutique. 

The fusion of the 2 boutiques is based on the story of both boutiques. Consequently two ranges of accessories are selected by Françoise: the Jujube Collection with prices from 15 to 250 euros and the Antipode Collection with accessories ranging from 120 to 600 Euros.

 The Antipode line will be up on the website in April 2016.

 The shop windows reflect the personality of the boutique; they are very dynamic and ever evolving. Every week our guests can discover a new display. The Jujube offer is very diverse and unexpected for a small village, even if it is Cotignac. This same dynamism can be seen in the opening hours: the boutique is open 7 days a week, year long, with the only exceptions being December 25th and January 1st!

 The clientele of the shop although mainly female is very diverse, based both locally, regionally and internationally. Noting that more than 30 different nationalities frequent the shop, Francoise decided to create the e-commerce

 The shop attracts new customers all year long, even those who live far away. Francoise personalizes her services by creating a special relationship with her clients and aims to recreate this even over the internet.

What better way than the internet to cultivate this link, create new ones, to continue the story of the Jujube Boutique and allow it to grow!

 This was only made possible after finding the ideal person to develop the website, done by the company Béaba-Informatique. Franck, the headof Béaba-Informatique, understands how the shop works and will therefore ensure that online site reflects the actual shop in Cotignac.

 Françoise is in charge that the contents of the site match with the character of the Jujube Boutique: welcoming, with diverse offers, dynamic, genuine, with high quality service, privileged relationships and listening . . .

 The offer on will develop over the coming months. Welcoming and listening to our customers are the two fundamentals of the Jujube Boutique. We offer you a contact point for any particular request, advice or suggestions to help us become better and better. Please do use this.


As we progress with You and thanks to You, everyone at the Boutique Jujube would like to say:


WELCOME to in Cotignac, Provence!