Your Terms and Conditions of Sale


General Terms of Sales

We ask you to read our terms of sale. By using our website you agree to these conditions.

Article 1 - General Provisions

1-1Our sales are subject to these general conditions that prevail over any conditions of purchase. Any order affirms full and unconditional acceptance by the Purchaser of our conditions.

1-2 Any contrary state desired by the Purchaser shall be void, with the exception of a written agreement by the Seller and subject to the existence of a counterpart documenting this, regardless of when the Purchaser was aware of it. The fact that the Seller does not prevail at any given time of any of these terms cannot be interpreted as a waiver to later invoke any of these conditions.

1-3The delay calculation stipulated herein these terms and conditions will be governed by Articles 640 and follow of the New Code of Civil Procedure.


Article 2 - Order

2-1 Orders placed through the website commit the Purchaser to the acceptance of terms given by the Seller on the website.

From the moment that the client has placed their order through the website they are deemed to knowingly accept without reserve, the prices and quantities selected.

2-2 No minimum order is required.

2-3 In addition to force majeure, the Seller reserves the right in case of war, strikes, lockouts, storms or fires in its premises or those of its suppliers and service providers, to cancel pending orders. The facts mentioned above will be regarded as force majeure.


Article 3 - Delivery

3-1 Delivery times are only given as an estimate. In case of delay, the Purchaser will be obligated to accept the goods unless he has written to the Seller, after the date on the confirmation order, a formal notice by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt that the goods have not been delivered within 15 days of receipt of the said letter. Delay in delivery cannot lead to cancellation of the items and quantities remaining to be delivered excluding all damages and penalties.

3-2 Goods sent by is postage paid.

3-3 Whatever the Incoterm applicable to the sale, the goods will travel at the risk of the Purchaser, even when delivery is taken care of by carriers of our choice.


Article 4 Receipt of Goods - Return of Goods

4-1 The Purchaser shall take all necessary steps in the best possible conditions to receive the goods. There is a period of 30 working days to check if the goods are in accordance with the specifications in the sales contract.

4-2 The Seller shall replace, refund or repair, as appropriate and at its discretion, any non-conforming goods provided that previously the Purchaser provides evidence of the alleged non-compliance and allows the Seller to examine the findings. In the event that non-compliance is linked to an apparent defect in the goods, the Purchaser shall refrain from either intervening himself or involving a third party for this purpose. In any event, the establishment of a credit note for non-compliance of the goods will only be possible with the prior written consent of the Seller.

All non-conforming merchandise that is returned without the prior written consent of the Seller will be held at the disposal for the Purchaser for 10 days and will not lead to the establishment of a credit note. The return costs will be borne by the Purchaser.

Failure to pick-up the goods within this period, the Seller will be deemed the owner of the goods by the simple fact of detention and may dispose of them without any amount to be claimed by the Purchaser for any reason whatsoever.

4-3 Any returned goods which the Seller has agreed to in writing will result with the issuance of a credit note to the benefit of the Purchaser after qualitative and quantitative verification of the goods and provided that they are returned in the original packaging with the original labels (no cut or damaged labels) and ready for sale. Any return made in violation of these requirements will result in the issuance of a credit note minus an allowance of thirty percent and incorporating in addition, the loss related to the depreciation of the goods.

4-4 Return of goods

The return is at the expense of the Purchaser and can only be done with the prior consent of the Seller who has communicated an authorization number to this effect. A return other than for reasons of non-compliance can be accepted by the Seller and is subject to the same conditions.


Article 5 Reserve of Property

5-1 By agreement between Seller and Purchaser, ownership of the goods will pass to the Purchaser only upon full payment.

5-2 Failing payment, even a mere fraction of the price at purchase, enables the Seller to take back the goods delivered and to cancel the sale. The Purchaser can be liable to compensate for the depreciation of the goods and damages to the Seller as a result of the resolution of the sale, an indemnity equal to fifty percent of the invoice price, which will be deducted, if applicable, from advance payments. The goods must be returned immediately at the Purchaser's expense.

5-3 The above provisions shall not prevent the transfer to the Purchaser the risks associated with the loss and deterioration of the goods and the damage it may cause, beginning from the goods leaving the Seller's premises.

5-4 The provisions of this article are stipulated as a security in the exclusive interest of the Seller, who solely can invoke this. The Purchaser shall in no case rely on this to force a return of unpaid merchandise.


Article 6 Penalties-Billing-Payments

6-1 Invoices shall be established in accordance with the provisions of Article L.441-3 of the Commercial Code and 289 of the General Tax Code.

6-2 Payment will be made by means of payment proposed by the website of the Seller and with the Buyer choosing from the options given. Only the final registration of the amount due credited to the bank account of the Seller is considered full payment. In case of non-payment, the Seller may cancel or suspend any pending order or delivery without notice.

6-3 The application by the Seller of the provisions of this article shall not dispense waiver in the subsequent exercise of rights under the reserve of property clause.


Article 7 Prices and Rates

Merchandise selling prices are those in effect at the time the order is placed. The merchandise selling prices can be modified at any time due to the occurrence of external events.


Article 8 Sales to Minors

We do not sell to minors. Adults can purchase our products for minors. If you are under 18, you can only use our online store with the authorization of parental consent or a legal representative.


Article 9 Customs

For deliveries outside of the European Union, the Purchaser may be subject to duties and import taxes, which are levied when the package reaches its destination. All costs related to Customs are the responsibility of the Purchaser. See the Customs Service in your country to obtain all information on the country you live in.


Article 10 Applicable Law – Jurisdiction Attribution

All sales shall be governed by French law and these general conditions. For any dispute that may arise between the parties concerning a sale, the exclusive jurisdiction shall be in the Commercial Court governing the jurisdiction in the Seller's headquarters.



Gift Cards

Printed and virtual gift cards are sold under the following general conditions:

1 They are sent once the order is completely processed and the payment is made. We confirm to the Purchaser the sending to the recipient.

2      Gift cards are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

3      Gift cards can be redeemed for any product on the site

4      Gift cards are registered in the person’s name. They are not transferable. They cannot be returned or exchanged for cash.

5      A list of gift cards with various prices is available.

6      The return of goods purchased with gift cards is subject to the same conditions as the return of goods purchased directly in the boutique. It is done with our prior agreement and authorization number. See the terms and conditions of sale on our website.

7      The gift card can be sent directly to you in order for you to give it to the person of your choice or we can take care of your request by sending it directly to this person.

In both cases the gift card is sent gift-wrapped. Please specify clearly in the gift card section the information requested about the person to whom you wish to offer the gift card so that we can process your order.

Please include the message that you would like to send. Please indicate if you would like us to send the gift card to you or if you would like us to send it on your behalf.

8      If the total amount of the order placed by the recipient of the gift card is less than the value of the gift card, the balance is credited to their account and can be deducted from future orders.

9      If the amount of the order made by the recipient of the gift card is greater than the value of the gift card and he already has credit on his account, this will be used automatically.

10   You can check the balance of your account online on the ‘my account’ page.

11   We are not responsible for sending the gift card if given the wrong address. In this case, the responsibility of the Purchaser is involved.

12 reserves the right to cancel a gift card if it deems so necessary.

13   Customs and import fees apply to all products purchased with gift cards. They are the responsibility of the Purchaser.


For further information, or any special requests, please contact us.